MacBook Pro 2012

Apple has a lot in store for 2012 with rumors of the iPad3 and now we also have the impending release of the next gen line of the Macbook Pro 2012. After the success of the Macbook Air which had many elements of surprise consumers are expecting the same from the updated line of Macbook Pros.

Expect a higher resolution at a possible 2800×1800 double that of the Macbook 2011 and a retina display which deems to be so high that you won’t see any pixels whatsoever. The use of the latest graphics processor from Nvidia or AMD, Intel’sIvyBridgechips and an ARM processor makes this sure to be sought after especially coming from the giant Apple.

The 2012 model will likely be thinner and more lightweight as they do away traditional disc drives and hard drives in replacement of solid state drives. A welcome result of having a solid state drive is the room for a bigger battery.

As duly named you can expect it to hit the stores this year but a specific date has not been released as of yet.

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